Preventative Healthcare Plans

We are proud to offer a range of preventative healthcare plans. These provide excellent value services and products for your pet. A monthly fee is paid and collected by Direct Debit, spreading the cost over a whole year.
There are two levels:

1. Standard – open to any dog, cat or rabbit

Schedule of care

  • Annual health-check and vaccination booster
  • Six month health check
  • Four worm doses in a year for dogs and cats
  • Monthly flea control or flea and tick control in dogs as required

Additional benefits

  • 5% off food purchased at the practice for this animal
  • 10%discount on examination fees
  • 5% discount on medicines purchased at the practice  
  • 10% discount on neutering
  • 10% discount on dental time fees 
  • 10% discount on your pet’s fixed insurance excess
  • Free reminders for worming, flea control and routine examinations

Monthly fees

  • Cats and dogs under 10kg £9 per month
  • Dogs 10-35kg £10 per month
  • Dogs 35-40kg £12 per month
  • Dogs over 40kg £15 per month
  • Rabbit £7.50 per month
  • Discounts may be available if more than one pet is enrolled

Nail Clipping at Grove Vets

2. Advanced – Open to any dog or cat requiring regular dental care

Schedule of care

  • As for standard above PLUS
  • Preventative and surgical dentistry as required
  • Additional benefit - 10% discount on any food purchased from the practice for this animal

Monthly fees

  • Cats £19 per month Dogs under 40kg £22 per month Dogs over 40kg £27 per month

Please call or email us if you are interested in these schemes

Terms and Conditions

1. Grove Veterinary Centre agrees to provide the preventative care as detailed and will send reminders as appropriate but the client is responsible for ensuring that their pet(s) is/are presented for examination as necessary and that preventative medications are collected.
2. The payment amount will be taken by direct debit on the 10th of every month.
3. Either side may cancel this agreement with two months notice in writing. Cancellation of the direct debit does not constitute cancellation of the agreement and the client will be liable for any costs incurred if payments are not made as agreed.
4. Costs will be reviewed annually
5. Costs do not include insurance premiums for non-routine healthcare needs



" I have the healthcare plan for Dexter my Cairn Terrier. I find it a great saving, in that his consultations are always at a reduced price. He receives flea prevention and worming tablets at regular intervals which keeps him healthy. The healthcare plan gives me great peace of mind. It is really worthwhile. "