Donors Required for Pet Blood Bank

10th December 2015

In partnership with other practices in the area, we are hoping to identify clients who would be willing to allow their dogs to donate blood to the pet blood bank. A local group donation session is planned for some time in January. The breeds they desperately need are DEA negative breeds which are:

- Airedales
- American Bulldog
- Boxer
- Doberman
- English Bull Terrier
- Flat Coated Retriever
- German Shepherd
- Greyhounds
- Lurchers
- Mastiffs
- English Pointers
- Weimeraners

Obviously any breed that matches the donor criteria are more than welcome to attend the sessions. In order for the dog to be a suitable donor the dog must:

1. Be aged between 1 and 8 years
2. Weigh over 25kgs – 55lbs lean bodyweight
3. Be in good general health
4. Be up to date with vaccinations - dogs cannot give blood up to 14 days after their annual booster vaccination
5. Not be taking certain medications - see exclusions information
6. Have no history of heart murmur, seizures or fainting episodes
7. Have no history of travel abroad
8. Have not received a blood transfusion
9. Have a good temperament

Full list of exclusions can be read here