Practice Response to Covid-19

16th March 2020

As you all will be acutely aware, the Coronavirus, Covid-19, is having an effect on all individuals and organisations.

Currently Grove Veterinary Centre is committed to providing the full range of preventative care and treatment of illness and injury to keep all our patients healthy. However for us to be able to continue this for as long as possible we need the assistance and cooperation of all clients. To that end there are now measures in place to minimise risk to veterinary staff and to allow us to provide care safely.

1. Appointment Screening

When telephoning for an appointment you may be asked to confirm you are well and are not in self isolation. If you are affected in any way but symptoms of the virus do not attend at the surgery. We will work with you to ensure your pet can be treated. This will either be by a friend or family member bringing your pet on your behalf or possibly by a video consultation if appropriate.

Please do not book online if you or anyone in your household is well or self- isolating. Telephone the surgery on 820402 and we will work with you to ensure your pet is treated. 

2. Attending at the surgery

If you become unwell after making your appointment, do not attend at the surgery. Telephone and we will make alternative arrangements. 

Please try and minimise the number of people coming to the appointment and take sensible precautions washing your hands both before you come to us and when you get home. 

3. Home visits

Home visits will only be available when all other alternative options have been excluded and will only be for essential veterinary care. in these cases a visit will only take place if there is no-one with symptoms of covid19 or who is self isolating for any reason in the household.