I highly recommend this veterinary centre. They have been so good to all the pets we have and also to the ones which are sadly no longer with us.

Vanessa Quinn

All the staff were brilliant throughout my springer spaniel, Amy's life, from the moment we took her there as a rescue puppy to her final moments last Saturday at almost her 14th birthday. Thank you to Miranda Hall and Geraldine for their help when we had to "put her to sleep". Their professionalism and compassion helped me get through a traumatic experience Many thanks.


Mr Tim Miller and everyone at Grove Vets gave my pets a healthy life. Ghypsy was a yorkshire terrier. She died at the ripe old age of 21yrs and without Mr Miller and his loyal band of happy workers and carers Ghypsy would not have had such a long and happy life. She loved being around the Grove crew and to say she was not at all worried when she went into the vets every three month and more toward her end is an understatement. She knew them all and let them know when she was there by doing one off barks for long periods just to get all the attention. She had them all worked out! They are all so dedicated and they do get attached themselves thank you all from my heart.

Carol & Family and her lab Glenn.

I wouldn't take my dog Susie or my cat Pippin to any other veterinary practice. Expert treatment, kindness and compassion are all included at Grove.


I just cant say enough about the wonderful people and fabulous, state of the art equipment at Grove. I have many pets and I would never take them anywhere else. Absolutely at the top of the veterinary field.....amazing, just amazing!

Helen and "Gladys"

Thanks very much for everything you did for Tilly Dog. She was a wonderful dog and you looked after her and did your very best for her up until the day she had to be put to sleep. She had a wonderful life and this wouldn't have been possible without your expertise, knowledge, and care.


My animals mean the world to me and I couldn't think of using any other vets, they are the best in the area by far! Whether dealing with my working dogs or my pets the level of care is just amazing. They actually care about you and your pets and that shines through in the service they provide. I don't think I could say enough nice things about the practice and their staff, but you are all amazing and thank you for everything :)

Farah and her pack of crazy hounds *and the rest of the Ataii gang*!