Grove Vets Services

Grove Veterinary Centre is a dedicated small animal veterinary practice  providing a comprehensive range of services.

Preventative Care

We offer vaccination services for dogs, cats and rabbits as well as the full range of effective products for parasite control at competitive prices. Free weight and dental checks ensure that we can help you identify problems before they get out of hand.

Our Fit Club will combine regular weigh checks, diet advice and hydrotherapy to help your pet achieve a healthy weight.

To help you cover the cost of your pet’s preventative care we have an excellent budgeting scheme. Click Here for more details on our Healthcare Plans.

Caring for your pet

Whether it is our experienced, qualified nursing staff, our excellent facilities for hospitalisation including overnight nursing,  or the steps that are taken to make each patient’s visit as stress free as possible, you can be confident that we are looking after your pet's needs every time they have to visit the surgery.

We are extremely proud of our recent award of Cat Friendly Practice, but that doesn’t mean the dogs, rabbits and other pets are forgotten! Each animal receives specific care according to their own requirements.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pets 

Our veterinary surgeons and nursing staff work tirelessly to investigate and treat any illness ord injury your pet may have.
Comprehensive in house laboratory facilities, digital xray and ultrasound along with more than fifty years of combined clinical experience will help minimise the time between presentation, diagnosis and effective treatment.
We hold in stock the majority of medications needed to treat medical conditions and will schedule surgery if appropriate as quickly as possible.

For those problems which we are unable to diagnose or treat in house we will refer yout pet, if you wish, to an appropriate specialist.

We have our own in house hydrotherapy unit which is run by experienced and specially trained veterinary nurses.

Covering the cost

The practice price list is available on the website. Estimates are available for any procedure or product that we supply.

We are happy to offer direct claims for pet insurance subject to the terms of our policy and make no charge for completing and processing insurance claim forms.

If you are on low income and receiving local authority means tested benefits, you may be eligible for PDSA PetAid to help with the care of your pet.

Our excellent Preventive Healthcare plan will offer you excellent value and an opportunity to spread the cost of caring for your pet.

Advice is given freely and free of charge in most cases. There is no charge for telephone advice out of hours.

Going the extra mile

Grove Vets has a dedicated animal ambulance and can bring your pet to and from the surgery if required.

We also offer delivery of foods and medicines to all local areas.  Our private car park means that visiting the surgery premises is as convenient as possible.